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SECTION 39-6-20

§ 39-6-20. Recording of contracts – Declaration of full payment or performance of conditions – Fees.

The contracts herein authorized shall be recorded by the secretary of state in a book of records to be kept for that purpose. And on payment in full of the purchase money, and the performance of the terms and conditions stipulated in any contract, a declaration in writing to that effect may be made by the vendor, lessor, or bailor, or his or her or its assignee, which declaration may be made on the margin of the record of the contract, duly attested, or it may be made by a separate instrument, to be acknowledged by the vendor, lessor, or bailor, or his or her or its assignee, and recorded as provided in this section. And for such services the secretary of state shall be entitled to demand and retain for the use of the state the sum of fifty cents ($.50) for each one hundred (100) words recorded, for recording each of the contracts and each of the declarations, and a fee of fifty cents ($.50) for noting the declaration on the margin of the record.

History of Section.
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