Public Utilities and Carriers

Railroad Companies

SECTION 39-6-32

§ 39-6-32. Disposition of abandoned railroad property.

Whenever any railroad is granted permission to abandon any rail line by the Interstate Commerce Commission and ceases to be used by the railroad claiming title thereto, and within one year thereafter the head of any department, board, bureau, commission, or agency of the state government, hereinafter referred to as the acquiring authority, declares that in his or her opinion the acquisition thereof will be advantageous to the establishment, construction, development, betterment, or maintenance of any governmental facility, public work, public improvement, or public preserve, the acquiring authority shall be and hereby is authorized and empowered, within the limits of the appropriations available or that shall be made available therefor, with the approval of the governor, to acquire interests, estates, easements, and privileges in the right of way for public use, by purchase, lease, gift, or by proceedings pursuant to § 39-6-33.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1969, ch. 240, § 9; P.L. 1992, ch. 331, § 1.)