Public Utilities and Carriers

Railroad Companies

SECTION 39-6-7

§ 39-6-7. Abandonment of condemned lands.

Any railroad corporation chartered by the general assembly of this state may, at any time before final court confirmation of the report of the commissioners appointed by any court, under the provisions of its charter and of law, to estimate all damages which any person shall sustain whose lands are mentioned or described in any location of the whole or any part of its railroad, abandon the whole or any part of the location, and may report the abandonment to the court; and thereupon all further proceedings by the commissioners with reference to so much of the location as shall have been so abandoned shall forthwith cease, and all costs and expenses incurred in the proceedings up to the date of the abandonment with reference to the abandoned location shall be paid by the railroad company, and the court shall make all necessary orders in the premises.

History of Section.
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