Public Utilities and Carriers

Operation of Railroads Generally

SECTION 39-7-9

§ 39-7-9. Approach of railroad junctions or drawbridges.

(a) Every person driving a locomotive, when approaching any crossing or junction of any two (2) railroads where the rails of one cross or connect with the rails of the other at grade, or when approaching any drawbridge now in use as such, shall stop the locomotive at some point within the distance of five hundred feet (500') from the crossing, junction, or drawbridge, and before reaching the same, and shall not drive the locomotive over the crossing, junction, or drawbridge, at a greater rate of speed than six (6) miles per hour; provided, however, that the division of public utilities and carriers may grant to any railroad corporation the privilege of crossing the junction or drawbridge without stopping, whenever it determines the same can be done consistently with the public safety.

(b) Every person violating the provisions of this section shall be fined one hundred dollars ($100); and the railroad corporation in whose employment, or upon whose railroad, the person shall be at the time of committing such offense, shall be fined three hundred dollars ($300).

History of Section.
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