Public Utilities and Carriers

Railroad Crossings

SECTION 39-8-11

§ 39-8-11. Order to maintain electric signals at crossing.

At any point where a highway, city or town way, or traveled place is crossed at the same level by a railroad where a gate or flag person is not maintained, the commission may, after notice to and hearing of the railroad corporation whose road so crosses, direct that the crossing shall be furnished with electric signal or signals as they shall decide the better security of human life or the convenience of the public travel requires, and the corporation shall comply with the order. If the railroad corporation shall refuse or neglect to comply with the order within three (3) months from the date thereof, it shall be fined twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each day that the refusal or neglect shall continue unless it shall furnish reasons satisfactory to the commission for the refusal or neglect. Nothing in this section shall be so construed as to affect §§ 39-8-9 and 39-8-10.

History of Section.
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