Public Utilities and Carriers

Railroad Crossings

SECTION 39-8-13

§ 39-8-13. Erection of warning signs along highway.

Every railroad corporation shall cause to be erected and to be maintained at every turnpike, highway, or public way, where it is crossed by the railroad upon the same level therewith, a suitable sign board upon each side of the crossing; and on each side of the sign boards shall be painted in black capital letters of at least the length of nine inches (9") such words or phrases as may in the opinion of the division of public utilities and carriers constitute a proper warning to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic using the crossing. The sign board shall be of such design as may be ordered by the division and shall be placed under the direction and with the consent of the division. The sign board shall indicate whether the railroad crossing is a public or private crossing. Every railroad corporation shall also adopt such other precautionary measures at such grade crossings as shall be deemed proper by the division.

History of Section.
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