Title 4
Animals and Animal Husbandry

Chapter 1
Cruelty to Animals

R.I. Gen. Laws 4-1-21

 4-1-21.  Powers of agents of society for prevention of cruelty to animals.

The general agent of the Rhode Island society for the prevention of cruelty to animals and any number of special agents as may be appointed by that society have the same power and authority to arrest as any officer authorized to serve criminal process for the purpose of enforcing any of the laws of this state in relation to cruelty to animals, that power and authority to extend throughout the state, and they may serve any search warrant issued under 4-1-19 and may search any building or place named in that warrant. A general agent and any special agents may, for the purpose of carrying out their duties, possess and carry pistols as defined in 11-47-2, and the provisions of 11-47-8 shall not apply to them. Any person who interferes with or obstructs any of those agents in the discharge of their duty shall be guilty of obstructing an officer and punished as provided in 11-32-1.

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