Animals and Animal Husbandry

Animals at Large

SECTION 4-15-12

§ 4-15-12. Conveyances found with impounded animals.

If any horse or other animal, attached to any vehicle, sledge, or sleigh, is found at large, abandoned, or with no person in charge of the animal, upon any highway or common, or on any land thrown open as a way for public travel and used by the public for travel, any person authorized under this chapter to impound animals going at large, may impound the vehicle, sledge, or sleigh, together with the vehicle, sledge or sleigh attached and the harness and other property, in one of the public pounds of that city or town. The animal shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter, and the vehicle, sledge or sleigh, harness and other property, shall be held, surrendered or, after thirty (30) days' notice by the town or city treasurer, sold, under the same liabilities, powers, provisions, and restrictions prescribed in this chapter relating to horses and other animals impounded.

History of Section.
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