Animals and Animal Husbandry

Importation of Wild Animals

SECTION 4-18-11

§ 4-18-11. Quarantine.

(a) Quarantine period and conditions for release. All imported animals must be maintained for any period of quarantine required by the department and under any conditions as prescribed in this section:

(1) Primates. The normal quarantine period required for primates is that which provides for a physical examination, administration of a tuberculin test by a veterinarian upon entry, and a repeat physical examination and tuberculin test thirty (30) days later. Primates may be released from quarantine by the department upon completion of the second tuberculin test provided that in the judgment of the attending veterinarian:

(i) Both tuberculin tests are negative.

(ii) The animals exhibit no visible oral ulcers at the end of quarantine period.

(iii) The animals show no clinical evidence of dysentery or diarrhea, emesis, emaciation, contagious skin lesions, central nervous system disturbances, jaundice, or abnormal respiratory signs at the end of quarantine period.

(iv) There is no evidence of a zoonotic disease traced back to the quarantined animals.

(v) In the opinion of the attending veterinarian the animals are healthy. A summary report by the attending veterinarian, in writing over his or her signature, shall be made to the department incorporating (1) the results of all tests, physical examinations, etc., performed and (2) his or her opinion that the animals are healthy.

(2) Carnivores. Carnivores shall be confined in a place and manner approved by the department for a ninety (90) day period. A primary enclosure as defined under § 4-18-2 or an equivalent approved by the department is acceptable for confinement. If at the end of quarantine, the animals are examined and found healthy by a veterinarian, they may be released by the department upon receipt of this certification in writing by the attending veterinarian without further restriction.

(b) Animals refused release. Imported animals refused release from quarantine shall be handled in any manner as approved and specified by the department.

(c) Variations from quarantine procedures. Where the quarantine procedures specified are not compatible with the objective of a specific research project, the department may authorize variations from the requirements specified, provided that no public health hazard results from the variations allowed.

(d) Sales to institutions, zoos, etc. Any person importing animals for purposes of sale to any educational and research institution, zoological garden, laboratory, college, or university may satisfy the requirements of this chapter by contract with that institution. The quarantine shall meet all of the requirements with regard to period, observation, reporting and other conditions of quarantine.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1971, ch. 58, § 1.)