Animals and Animal Husbandry

Importation of Wild Animals

SECTION 4-18-3

§ 4-18-3. Permit required to import wild animals.

(a) No person shall import into, receive, or possess in this state without first obtaining a permit from the department, animals of the following orders, families, and genera: primates, carnivores, amphibia, reptilia, canidae, and insecta. The director may by regulation designate additional orders, families, genera, or species requiring a permit to import, receive or possess; or the director may by regulation waive the permit requirement for specific species, orders, families and genera.

(b) Any animal care facility accredited by the American zoo and aquarium association (AZA) shall be exempt from this provision, provided, however, the facility provides the state veterinarian with a quarterly summary of any and all animal acquisitions and dispositions.

History of Section.
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