Animals and Animal Husbandry

Cat Identification Program

SECTION 4-22-2

§ 4-22-2. Definitions.

For the purposes of this chapter:

(a) "At-large" means: (1) On the premises of a person other than an owner of the cat, without the consent of an occupant or owner of such premises, or (2) on a public street or highway, on public or private school grounds, or in any other public place, except when under the physical control of an owner.

(b) "Feral cat" means any wild, unsocialized or untamed cat.

(c) "Guardian" shall mean a person(s) having the same rights and responsibilities of an owner, and both terms shall be used interchangeably. A guardian shall also mean a person who possesses, has title to or an interest in, harbors or has control, custody or possession of an animal and who is responsible for an animal's safety and well being.

(d) "Identification" means: a traceable form of identification such as (1) a collar and a flat or hanging tag worn by a cat which includes the current name, address and telephone number of the owner, or (2) a rabies vaccination tax, or (3) an ear tag issued by a licensed veterinarian or by a licensed animal shelter or licensed municipal pound, or (4) a registered microchip which is used in conjunction with a visible collar and tag or in conjunction with a faceted, reflective ear stud, or (5) a tag from a licensed animal shelter or licensed municipal pound, or (6) a tattoo registered with the National Dog Registry or other similar national tattoo service, or (7) a cat license issued by a Rhode Island city or town, or (8) a collar incorporating embroidery as a type of information labeling rather than a hanging or flat tag or (9) in the case of feral cats, a tipped or notched ear in conjunction with a microchip or any of the above other forms of identification. The intent is to allow flexibility in the types of identification available for cats and to incorporate other types of cat identification in the future as they are developed.

(e) "Impounded cat" means any cat released to or under the custody of or control of a licensed animal shelter or licensed municipal pound.

(f) "Owner" means (1) any person who keeps, has permanent custody, owns, maintains, harbors, provides care or sustenance for, has control or charge of or responsibility for a cat or who permits a cat to habitually be or remain on or be lodged or fed within such person's property or premises, and (2) any refusal to permit any animal control officer to impound such cat shall be deemed evidence of ownership unless ownership of the cat by another party is established.

(g) "Person" means an individual, firm, jointstock company, partnership, association, private, or municipal corporation, state, commission, political subdivision, a state, any interstate body or the federal government or any agency or subdivision thereof.

(h) "Roaming cat" means any homeless socialized cat or any stray socialized cat.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1999, ch. 291, § 1; P.L. 2001, ch. 72, § 12.)