Animals and Animal Husbandry

Animal Diseases in General

SECTION 4-4-19

§ 4-4-19. Orders prohibiting importation of animals.

The director of environmental management may prohibit the introduction of any cattle or other domestic animals into the state. Any person who brings, transports or introduces any cattle or other domestic animals into the state, after the director has issued an order forbidding the introduction of that cattle or other domestic animal into the state, or after the director has published for five (5) successive days in any newspapers published in this state as the director may direct, an order forbidding that introduction, shall be fined not exceeding three hundred dollars ($300) for every offense, and every officer or agent of any company or other person, who violates that order, is subject to the fine. In case of the introduction into the state of cattle or other domestic animals, contrary to the order of the director, the introduction of each animal is deemed a separate and distinct offense.

History of Section.
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