Animals and Animal Husbandry

Milk Gathering Stations


§ 4-8-4. Proof of financial security.

(a) A license shall not be issued as provided in § 4-8-3 unless the applicant for that license files with the application, a sworn financial statement in any form and giving any information that the director of environmental management may demand. The financial statement shall be made and executed under oath or written declaration that it is made under penalty of perjury.

(b) The director shall issue a license as provided in § 4-8-3, only when the financial statement is deemed by the director to be adequate for the protection of the producers of milk selling to that dealer. If, in the judgment of the director, following examination and investigation of the financial statement, adequate financial security is not evident, the applicant shall be required before a license is issued, to furnish good and sufficient surety or sureties in any form and in any sums as the director deems necessary for the adequate protection of the producers selling to that dealer. Failure to furnish a financial statement or surety or sureties when demanded by the director shall be sufficient cause for refusal to grant a license or for the suspension or revocation of that license after the license has already been granted.

History of Section.
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