Title 4
Animals and Animal Husbandry

Index of Chapters

Chapter 4-1 Cruelty to Animals

Chapter 4-1.1 Unlawful Confinement of a Covered Animal

Chapter 4-1.2 Seizure of Animals Being Cruelly Treated

Chapter 4-2 Commercial Feeds

Chapter 4-3 Garbage Feeding

Chapter 4-4 Animal Diseases in General

Chapter 4-4.1 Importation of Equines

Chapter 4-5 Tuberculosis Control

Chapter 4-6 Brucellosis Control

Chapter 4-6.1 Inspection and Control of Cattle Produced Milk

Chapter 4-7 Livestock Dealers

Chapter 4-8 Milk Gathering Stations

Chapter 4-9 Biological Products

Chapter 4-9.1  Donation of Medications for Use by Nonprofit, State, and Local Facilities

Chapter 4-10 Handling of Live Poultry

Chapter 4-11 Psittacine Birds

Chapter 4-12 Apiculture

Chapter 4-13 Dogs

Chapter 4-13.1 Regulation of Vicious Dogs

Chapter 4-14 Damage by Animals

Chapter 4-15 Animals at Large

Chapter 4-16 Estrays

Chapter 4-17 Humane Slaughter of Livestock

Chapter 4-18 Importation of Wild Animals

Chapter 4-19 Animal Care

Chapter 4-20 Rodeo Animals and Livestock

Chapter 4-21 Exemption from Liability Arising from Equine Activities

Chapter 4-22 Cat Identification Program

Chapter 4-23 Animals and Animal Husbandry — Animal Trusts

Chapter 4-24 Permit Program for Cats

Chapter 4-25 Pet Warranties — Dogs

Chapter 4-26 The Rhode Island Livestock Welfare and Care Standards Advisory Council Act of 2012

Chapter 4-27 Retirement of Research Dogs and Cats

Chapter 4-28  Electronic Payments and Applications