Human Services

Department of Human Services

SECTION 40-1-14

§ 40-1-14. Powers and scope of activities.

(a) In order to enable the displaced homemaker to contribute to society and maintain independence and economic security, the director shall establish a multipurpose service center for displaced homemakers. The director may make a grant to a nonprofit agency or organization to carry out the various programs.

(b) The center shall develop, by working with federal, state and local governmental agencies, private employers, and charitable or nonprofit agencies, job counseling and placement services specifically designed for displaced homemakers, which services shall:

(1) Counsel displaced homemakers with respect to appropriate job opportunities;

(2) Identify community needs and endeavor to develop and to create new jobs for displaced homemakers in the private and public sector;

(3) Provide displaced homemakers with the necessary counseling, training, skills, and referral services to become gainfully employed and independent;

(4) Develop plans to include more displaced homemakers in existing training and placement programs;

(5) Refer displaced homemakers to agencies which may provide information and assistance with respect to health care, financial matters, education, nutrition, and legal problems; and

(6) Take into account and build upon the skills and experiences of the displaced homemaker.

(c) The center shall develop an outreach program with a special emphasis directed toward reaching displaced homemakers in their middle years.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1985, ch. 181, art. 61, § 11.)