Human Services

Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy and Parenting Program

SECTION 40-19-3

§ 40-19-3. Powers and duties of the department of human services.

The department of human services shall within the specific appropriation for this program establish and evaluate the statewide comprehensive adolescent pregnancy and parenting program to be established pursuant to § 40-19-2 and shall make and establish rules and regulations as are deemed necessary to carry out the purposes of the chapter. The department of human services shall allocate and expend any money in the treasury designated in the department for adolescent pregnancy and parenting programs, solely for the purpose and operation of the adolescent pregnancy programs including legislative funding for both community based programs of Warwick's Project Hope and Pawtucket's school based adolescent pregnancy project.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1991, ch. 269, § 1.)