Human Services

Administration of State Institutions

SECTION 40-2-1

§ 40-2-1. Records of institution residents – Reports of injury or death – Communications to department.

The department of human services shall keep a record showing the name, residence, sex, age, nativity, occupation, condition, and date of entrance or commitment of every inmate, patient, or pupil in the several institutions under the control of the department; the date, cause, and terms of discharge and the condition of the persons at the time of leaving, and also all transfers from one institution to another, and if any inmate, patient, or pupil dies, the date and cause of death. These and such other facts as the department may from time to time require shall be furnished by the managing officer of each institution to the director of the department of human services within twenty-four (24) hours after the commitment, entrance, death, or discharge of any inmate, patient, or pupil. In case of an accident, injury, or death under peculiar circumstances of an inmate, patient, or pupil, the managing officer shall make a special report within twenty-four (24) hours thereafter to the director, giving the circumstances of the injury or death as fully as possible. The record shall be accessible only to the director of the department, and the officers, agents, and employees thereof, except by permission of the director or upon order of the governor or of a judge of a court of record. Whenever it is required by law that a notice, order or other communication be made to the department, it shall be a sufficient compliance with the law if the notice, order, or other communication is made to the director of human services.

History of Section.
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