Human Services

Administration of State Institutions

SECTION 40-2-14

§ 40-2-14. Examination of inmates for contagious disease – Investigation and report of sources.

The department is hereby authorized and directed, by the attending physician at any of the institutions or by such other physician as the director of the department may from time to time designate, to use every available means to ascertain the existence of any dangerous, infectious, or contagious disease, including syphilis in the infectious stages and gonococcus infection, among the inmates, prisoners, patients, and pupils of the institutions, and to make examination of any of them suspected of having syphilis in the infectious stages or gonococcus infection, and immediately to investigate the source of the infection, and, if ascertained, to report the source of the infection to the department of health; and any person committed to or received into any of the institutions by, through, or under any order of court or any process of law shall be deemed to be an inmate, prisoner, patient, or pupil of the institution, as the case may be, within the provisions of §§ 40-2-12 – 40-2-17.

History of Section.
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