Human Services

Administration of State Institutions

SECTION 40-2-19

§ 40-2-19. Tenure of officers – Duties – Time devoted to duty – Holding other offices – Sales to state – Bond.

All officers appointed by the director under this chapter shall hold their respective offices during his or her pleasure, and may be removed and their successors appointed by the director at any time. In addition to the duties prescribed for the officers by law, they shall perform such other duties as the director may from time to time require not inconsistent with law, and the officers shall make such reports and keep such records as the director may from time to time require in addition to the records and reports which the officers may be required to keep and make by any other provision of law. The officers, except those named in §§ 40-2-13 – 40-2-18 shall give their entire time to the duties of their respective offices, and shall not hold any other state office except that of notary public or any other position of pay or profit in the service of the state, and shall not furnish for pay or profit any materials, merchandise, or supplies to the state. The director may require any of the officers to give bond to the state for the faithful performance of their duties in such sum and with such surety as to the director may seem advisable.

History of Section.
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