Human Services

Long-Term Care System Planning

SECTION 40-20-2

§ 40-20-2. Long-term care entry system.

The directors of the department of human services, the department of elderly affairs, the department of health, and the department of behavioral healthcare, developmental disabilities and hospitals, shall work collaboratively to design and implement subject to appropriation by October 1, 2006 a standardized, community-based, comprehensive system for entry into state long-term care programs and services. The system shall include community-based staff to administer pre-screening long-term care assessments, and care management services as defined and required under chapter 66.1 of title 42 and to make recommendations for services, including home and community-based alternatives to residential care and to assist with access to services. The long-term care entry system shall include the essential elements contained in § 40-20-1(b).

History of Section.
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