Human Services

CHAPTER 40-5.2
The Rhode Island Works Program

SECTION 40-5.2-2

§ 40-5.2-2. The Rhode Island Works Program.

Statement of Purpose.

(a) The purpose of the Rhode Island Works Program is to help parents who are eligible for cash assistance to support their children by preparing for, accepting and retaining employment. It is the intent of the Rhode Island general assembly that the Rhode Island Works Program shall provide employment and support services along with temporary cash assistance so that parents can participate in the workforce rather than depend on public assistance to support themselves and their children.

(b) Under this law, parents are mandated to enter into an employment plan, as a condition of eligibility for cash assistance, and unless they are found to be temporarily exempt from the work requirements, they must participate in intensive employment services at the department of labor and training as the first step in their employment plan. Because it is believed that employment is the most effective anti-poverty measure, all activities and services provided through the Rhode Island Works Program are designed to promote economic independence through employment and the development of employment skills and to strengthen families through parental responsibility and short-term assistance.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2008, ch. 100, art. 16, § 1.)