Human Services

CHAPTER 40-5.2
The Rhode Island Works Program

SECTION 40-5.2-3

§ 40-5.2-3. Legislative intent.

(a) It is the intent of the general assembly to fundamentally change the public assistance program formerly known as the Family Independence Program in order to provide temporary financial assistance to eligible families with children while requiring the entry or reentry of the adult members of the family into the workplace with necessary supports as quickly as possible, and

(b) To follow the policies and guidance of the federal public assistance legislation as closely as possible, and

(c) To promote efficiencies through interdepartmental cooperation, specifically with the department of human services, the single state agency responsible for administration and implementation of this chapter. This shall include developing and implementing child support payment and enforcement, the case management system, the payment of cash assistance, issuance of food stamps, child care subsidies and medical assistance to eligible children and families in need.

(d) The department shall collaborate with community agencies and other state departments to achieve the goals of this chapter. Partners may include, but are not limited to, the:

(1) Department of labor and training, which shall provide employment and training services in accordance with this chapter;

(2) Department of elementary and secondary education, which provides adult education and literacy programs;

(3) Community College of Rhode Island, which provides vocational training at the postsecondary level;

(4) Rhode Island commerce corporation, which is responsible for expansion of job opportunities in the state for low-income families with children;

(5) Department of labor and training which is responsible for the planning and coordination of workforce development policy and strategies in the state's employment, education and economic development systems;

(6) Department of children, youth and families which administers the child welfare services, regulates child day care providers; and is ultimately responsible for the guardianship of children at-risk;

(7) Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Finance Corporation, which is responsible for expanding housing opportunities for low income families; and

(8) Family court, which is responsible for enforcing the support obligations of absent parents and protecting those children whose health and well-being is at risk because of an absence of family resources.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2008, ch. 100, art. 16, § 1.)