Human Services

CHAPTER 40-5.2
The Rhode Island Works Program

SECTION 40-5.2-9

§ 40-5.2-9. The Rhode Island Works Program.

General eligibility requirements.

(a) All families who wish to make application to the department of human services for assistance under this chapter shall have the opportunity to do so.

(b) Cash assistance shall be provided to eligible needy families only with dependent children who meet all the requirements of this chapter.

(c) Eligibility for benefits provided in accordance with this chapter is determined on a family or assistance unit basis.

(d) The following persons shall be included in the assistance unit, unless such person receives state supplemental assistance or supplemental security benefits under Title XVI of the Social Security Act, if living in the same household with any dependent child: all minor blood-related, step, or adoptive brothers and sisters, and all natural, step, or adoptive parents of such children, including cohabitating adults who share a minor child.

(e) A minor parent may be in the assistance unit which may also include all natural, step, or adoptive parents of the minor parent and all minor blood-related, step or adoptive brothers and sisters.

(f) If the parents are not residing together a child shall be considered residing with the parent who has physical custody of the child the majority of the time. If the child resides with the parents in their separate households, equal time, the parent who applies for assistance for that child first in time shall be the eligible parent.

(g) Each person in the assistance unit shall develop all potential sources of income for which such person may be eligible. Each person shall apply for such income, cooperate in applying for such income, and accept the income if eligible.

(h) Eligibility for cash assistance exists if the assistance unit's net income is less than the payment standard for the assistance group size.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2008, ch. 100, art. 16, § 1.)