Human Services

CHAPTER 40-8.13
Long-Term Managed Care Arrangements

SECTION 40-8.13-11

§ 40-8.13-11. Reporting requirements.

EOHHS shall report to the general assembly and shall make available to interested persons a separate accounting of state expenditures for long-term care supports and services under any managed long-term care arrangement, specifically and separately identifying expenditures for home and community-based services, assisted living services, hospice services within nursing facilities, hospice services outside of nursing facilities, and nursing facility services. Such reports shall be made twice annually, six (6) months apart, beginning six (6) months following the implementation of any managed long-term care arrangement, and shall include a detailed report of utilization of each such service. In order to facilitate such reporting, any managed long-term care arrangement shall include a requirement that a participating managed care organization make timely reports of the data necessary to compile such reports.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2014, ch. 145, art. 18, § 6.)