Human Services

CHAPTER 40-8.4
Health Care For Families

SECTION 40-8.4-15

§ 40-8.4-15. Advisory commission on health care.

(a) There is hereby established an advisory commission to be known as the "advisory commission on health care" to advise the director of the department of human services on all matters relating to the RIte Care and RIte Share programs, and other matters concerning access for all Rhode Islanders to quality health care in the most affordable, economical manner. The director of the department of human services shall serve ex officio as chairperson. The director shall appoint the eighteen (18) members:

(1) Three (3) of whom shall represent the health care providers;

(2) Three (3) of whom shall represent the health care insurers;

(3) Three (3) of whom shall represent health care consumers or consumer organizations;

(4) Two (2) of whom shall represent organized labor;

(5) One of whom shall be the health care advocate in the office of the attorney general;

(6) Three (3) of whom shall represent employers; and

(7) Three (3) of whom shall be other members of the public.

(b) The commission may study all aspects of the provisions of the RIte Care and RIte Share programs involving purchasers of health care, including employers, consumers and the state, health insurers, providers of health care, and health care facilities, and all matters related to the interaction among these groups, including methods to achieve more effective and timely resolution of disputes, better communication, speedier, more reliable and less costly administrative processes, claims, payments, and other reimbursement matters, and the application of new processes or technologies to such issues.

(c) Members of the commission shall be appointed in the month of July, each to hold office until the last day of June in the second year of his or her appointment or until his or her successor is appointed by the director.

(d) The commission shall meet at least quarterly, and the initial meeting of the commission shall take place on or before September 15, 2000. The commission may meet more frequently than quarterly at the call of the chair or at the call of any three (3) members of the commission.

(e) Members of the permanent joint committee on health care oversight established pursuant to § 40-8.4-14 shall be notified of each meeting of the commission and shall be invited to participate.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2000, ch. 200, § 2; P.L. 2000, ch. 229, § 2.)