Human Services

CHAPTER 40-8.7
Health Care Assistance for Working People With Disabilities

SECTION 40-8.7-8

§ 40-8.7-8. Work-related protections.

(a) Medicaid buy-in participants shall continue on the Medicaid buy-in program for up to four (4) months after loss of employment due to a medical condition. If the loss of employment is not due to a medical condition, the individual may continue to be eligible for up to four (4) months, but must pay a monthly premium equal to their monthly-unearned income in excess of the medically needy income limit.

(b) Medicaid buy-in participants who return to other Medicaid eligibility categories shall have their accrued savings in a retirement account and/or a medical savings account excluded from countable assets.

(c) The department shall promulgate rules or regulations necessary to institute the work- related protections of this section.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2004, ch. 343, § 1; P.L. 2004, ch. 354, § 1.)