Human Services

Medical Assistance

SECTION 40-8-28

§ 40-8-28. Vendors doing business in the state of Rhode Island.

All vendors who do business with the state of Rhode Island in accordance with title 37 of the Rhode Island general laws and who are also employers of Rhode Island medical assistance recipients shall make available in a timely manner to the department at the department's request, documents describing the health insurance or health benefits offered by the vendor to the employee, including, but not limited to a certificate of coverage or a summary of benefits and employee obligations for the purposes of and only to the extent necessary to carry out the provisions of this section of the general laws. The employer shall accept the enrollment of the individual and/or the family in the employer based health insurance plan without regard to any seasonal enrollment restrictions, including open enrollment restrictions, without regard to the impact on the member's wages. This is known as "pay in lieu of benefits."

History of Section.
(P.L. 2008, ch. 100, art. 17, § 7.)