Sports, Racing, and Athletics

CHAPTER 41-3.1
Dog Racing in Burrillville, Lincoln, and West Greenwich

SECTION 41-3.1-4

§ 41-3.1-4. Powers and duties of gaming and athletics licensing division.

In addition to the other powers conferred upon the division, the division of gaming and athletics licensing shall carry out the provisions of this chapter, and to that end, the division may:

(1) Personally, or by agent, supervise and check the making of pari-mutuel pools and wagers and the distribution therefrom;

(2) Fix and set the dates within which any dog track may be operated; provided, however, there shall be at least one hundred twenty-five (125) days annually of the operation; and

(3) Require any applicant for a permit to operate a dog track to file an application under oath setting forth:

(i) The full name of the person, firm, corporation, or association, and if a corporation, the name of the state under which it is incorporated, as well as the names of the officers and directors of the corporation, and their places of residence, or if an association, the name and residence of the members of the association;

(ii) The exact location where it is desired to operate a dog track;

(iii) Whether or not the dog track is owned or leased, and if leased, the name, residence, and address of the owners or lessees, or if the owner or lessee be a corporation, the name and address of the officers and directors thereof;

(iv) A statement of the assets and liabilities of the person, firm, corporation, or association making application for the permit; and

(v) Such other information as the division may require.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1976, ch. 341, § 1; P.L. 2016, ch. 528, § 3.)