Sports, Racing, and Athletics

CHAPTER 41-5.2
Mixed Martial Arts

SECTION 41-5.2-9

§ 41-5.2-9. Uniform rules – Fighting area.

(a) The fighting area canvas shall be no smaller than eighteen feet (18') by eighteen feet (18') and no larger than thirty-two feet (32') by thirty-two feet (32'). The fighting area canvas shall be padded in a manner as approved by the commissioner, with at least one inch layer of foam padding. Padding shall extend beyond the fighting area and over the edge of the platform. No vinyl or other plastic rubberized covering shall be permitted.

(b) The fighting area canvas shall not be more than four feet (4') above the floor of the building and shall have suitable steps or ramp for use by the participants. Posts shall be made of metal not more than six inches (6") in diameter, extending from the floor of the building to a minimum height of fifty-eight inches (58") above the fighting area canvas and shall be properly padded in a manner approved by the commissioner.

(c) The fighting area canvas area shall be enclosed by a fence made of such material as will not allow a fighter to fall out or break through it onto the floor or spectators, including, but not limited to, vinyl coated chain link fencing. All metal parts shall be covered and padded in a manner approved by the commission and shall not be abrasive to the contestants.

(d) The fence shall provide two (2) separate entries onto the fighting area canvas.

(e) A ring stool of a type approved by the commissioner shall be available for each contestant.

(f) An appropriate number of stools or chairs, of a type approved by the commissioner, shall be available to each contestant's seconds. Such stools or chairs shall be located near each contestant's corner.

(g) All stools and chairs used must be thoroughly cleaned or replaced after the conclusion of each bout.

(h) For each bout, the promoter shall provide a clean water bucket and a clean plastic water bottle in each corner.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2009, ch. 312, § 1; P.L. 2009, ch. 313, § 1.)