Sports, Racing, and Athletics

Boxing and Wrestling

SECTION 41-5-20

§ 41-5-20. Injunction and abatement of unauthorized matches.

The superior court shall have jurisdiction in equity upon any information filed by the division of gaming and athletics licensing, the attorney general of the state, the police authorities of the city or town in which the boxing or sparring match or exhibition is held or is announced to be held, or of any five (5), legal voters of the state, stating that a certain building, tenement, or place is used for boxing or sparring matches or exhibitions by an individual, group, partnership, club, corporation, or association that is not licensed under this chapter, or contrary to the terms of this chapter; or that a boxing or sparring match or exhibition is being advertised or announced, or has been advertised, or announced to take place in a certain building or place, or that a certain individual, club, corporation, or association is selling, exchanging, or giving away tickets, tokens, or symbols purporting to entitle the holder to the right or privilege of attending a certain boxing or sparring match or exhibition that is not licensed by the division and is contrary to this chapter, to enjoin and abate the unauthorized match as a common nuisance.

History of Section.
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