Sports, Racing, and Athletics

Boxing and Wrestling

SECTION 41-5-8

§ 41-5-8. Referees – Powers.

At every boxing or sparring match or exhibition there shall be in attendance a referee, duly licensed under the provisions of this chapter, who shall direct and control the boxing match, sparring match, or exhibition. The referee shall have full power to stop the match whenever he or she deems it advisable because of the physical condition of any contestants, or when one of the contestants is clearly outclassed by his or her opponents, or for other sufficient reason and that no fighter who has been knocked down shall be allowed to continue until he or she has taken a mandatory eight (8) count. The referee shall have power in his or her discretion to declare forfeited any prize, remuneration, or purse or any part thereof belonging to any contestants if, in his or her judgment, the contestant or contestants are not or were not competing in good faith. The physician in attendance shall examine the referee prior to each bout or event and certify whether he or she is capable of performing his or her duties based upon the examination. In all championship bouts held in Rhode Island first consideration shall be given to referees in good standing residing in Rhode Island. The referee has the right to award a boxer injured by a foul or inappropriate action from one to five (5) minutes to recover after time has been called.

History of Section.
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