Sports, Racing, and Athletics

Jai Alai

SECTION 41-7-10

§ 41-7-10. Licensing of concessionaires, vendors, pari-mutuel totalizator companies.

(a) All persons, firms, partnerships, associations, or corporations desiring to operate any concession allied to any fronton, shall apply for a license to the division of racing and athletics, on such forms and in such a manner as prescribed by regulations. The division by regulations shall establish other occupational licensing for all employees of the concessions, all pari-mutuel employees, and all persons employed in any other capacity by the fronton management.

(b) All persons, firms, partnerships, associations, or corporations employed by the fronton management in providing pari-mutuel totalizator computer services for pari-mutuel computations, shall apply for a license to the division upon such forms and in such manner as prescribed by regulations of the division. All employees of the pari-mutuel totalizator computer companies shall be licensed by the division on forms prescribed by regulations of the division.

(c) In determining whether to grant a license pursuant to this section the division may require the applicant to submit information as to: financial standing and credit; moral character; criminal record, if any; previous employment; corporate, partnership, or association affiliations; ownership of personal assets; and such other information as it deems pertinent to the issuance of the license. The division may reject for good cause an application for a license, and it may suspend or revoke for good cause any license issued by it after a hearing held in accordance with chapter 35 of title 42; subject to further appeal procedures provided by § 41-2-3.

(d) Issuance of license and the payment of annual fees shall be the same in accordance with the following schedule:

(1) Concessionaires and vendors $200

(2) Occupational license

Player license 10.00

Ball maker 10.00

Player/manager 10.00

Jai alai judge 10.00

(3) Vendor or concessionaire employee 10.00

(4) Pari-mutuel employees 10.00

(5) Employees of fronton management 10.00

(6) Pari-mutuel totalizator companies 200

(7) Pari-mutuel totalizator company employees 10.00

(8) Security employees 10.00

(e) All individual applicants for licensing under this section shall be fingerprinted, and, upon obtaining a license, shall wear upon his or her outer apparel a photo identification badge, issued or authorized by the division of racing and athletics under rules and regulations promulgated by the division.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1981, ch. 307, § 2; P.L. 1993, ch. 138, art. 62, § 7.)