State Affairs and Government

CHAPTER 42-10.1
Public Finance Management Board

SECTION 42-10.1-9

§ 42-10.1-9. Report of debt affordability and targets.

(a) The board shall compile and publish annually the total amount of public state, regional, municipal, and public and quasi-public corporation debt authorized, sold, and unsold.

(b) No less frequently than every two (2) years, the board shall oversee the undertaking of a debt affordability study that shall include recommended limits for the debt capacity of each state, municipal and regional authority, agency, board, commission, public and quasi-public corporation and fire district and other special district having authority to issue revenue or general obligation bonds or GARVEE bonds or notes or other various types of conduit debt or enter into financing leases.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2016, ch. 142, art. 2, § 2.)