State Affairs and Government

Treasury Department

SECTION 42-10-17

§ 42-10-17. Annual report to general assembly.

(a) The general treasurer shall present to the general assembly on or before the tenth (10th) day of October in each year a report of the business transacted by his or her office during the fiscal year or period next preceding, showing receipts and payments from the general treasury and from all other funds and accounts under his or her control. The general treasurer shall report the balance on hand in each of those funds at the close of the last fiscal year or period, the banks in which the funds are deposited and the rate of interest paid thereon. The general treasurer shall give in the report a detailed statement of the receipts of the state treasury showing the several sources of revenue, the amount received from each source, and the account of taxes received, but only an abstract of the report shall be printed.

(b) The report shall include, so long as any state funds or pension funds remain invested in any corporation doing business in South Africa, a report showing which investments have been sold in the previous year in conformity with the requirements of § 35-10-12, the aggregate value of those investments at the time of divestment, and the aggregate value of those investments as a percentage of total investment at the end of the previous year.

History of Section.
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