State Affairs and Government

CHAPTER 42-12.3
Health Care for Children and Pregnant Women

SECTION 42-12.3-2

§ 42-12.3-2. Purposes.

(a) It is the intent of the general assembly to assure access to the comprehensive health care by providing health insurance to all Rhode Islanders who are uninsured;

Universal comprehensive coverage for all Rhode Islanders is a goal to be achieved over the course of several years;

The first step in providing comprehensive health coverage is to assure coverage for the most vulnerable residents of the state;

Uninsured pregnant women and children under age eight (8) are among the most vulnerable residents of the state; and

The governor's health care advisory committee has provided advice and recommendations in its report of January, 1993 to improve access to health care for pregnant women and children up to age six (6);

The objectives to meet the goal of comprehensive health coverage are:

(1) Every child under age eight (8) in Rhode Island will have a reliable source of health coverage and health care;

(2) Every pregnant woman in Rhode Island will have early and comprehensive prenatal and maternity care services;

(3) All low income families will have improved access to family planning and reproductive services; and

(4) Every pregnant woman and child in Rhode Island will receive effective, preventive primary care.

(b) To assure access to care and availability of services, the following principles will guide the design of the health care act:

(1) There will be equal access to health care for children and pregnant women, regardless of the type of coverage;

(2) There shall be an emphasis on primary and preventive care which will include a "medical home" for every child;

(3) Current deficiencies in the fee for service delivery system will be addressed;

(4) In addition to accessibility of health care, provisions must be made to address language, cultural and transportation barriers;

(5) Enrollment must be both timely and accomplished in a user friendly fashion;

(6) An adequate source of primary care providers should be developed;

(7) An enhanced set of services should be developed to support and address the needs of families at risk.

History of Section.
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