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Department of Human Services

SECTION 42-12-30

§ 42-12-30. Expenditures under the traumatic brain injury program.

Expenditures of the assessments under the traumatic brain injury program shall be for the following purposes:

(1) As the payor of last resort for individuals who have exhausted all other health or rehabilitation benefit funding services for services covered under this section.

(2) Services including, but not limited to: case management; cognitive rehabilitation; transitional living; structured day programs; assistive technology services; devices and equipment; transportation; housing; neuropsychological evaluations; behavioral health treatment; substance abuse treatment; respite; and other services and/or assistance as deemed appropriate by the commission for individuals with traumatic brain injury to accomplish a successful re-entry and maintenance in the community.

(3) Grants to community-based programs, private providers and municipal governments for the purpose of expanding or developing services targeted for individuals with brain injuries as well as for system development and maintenance. Such grants shall be awarded only after consultation with the commission and pursuant to the criteria developed jointly by that body, the department of human services, the department of health and the department of behavioral healthcare, developmental disabilities and hospitals.

(4) Funding for public information and prevention education and for the continuation of the resource center coordinated by the Brain Injury Association of Rhode Island.

History of Section.
(P.L. 2006, ch. 456, § 2.)