Title 42
State Affairs and Government

Chapter 128.1
Lead Hazard Mitigation

R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-128.1-7

§ 42-128.1-7. Lead hazard mitigation.

The housing resources commission shall adopt, no later than April 1, 2003, rules:

(1) For housing constructed prior to 1978, which require property owners to certify at the time of transfer that the dwelling and/or premises meet the requirements for lead hazard mitigation or lead hazard abatement, or that the party or parties acquiring the property are notified of the potential lead hazards, and at the time of rental of units that the requirements for meeting the appropriate standards have been met;

(2) For a lead hazard mitigation standard;

(3) For any training, certification or licensing necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter; and

(4) For a process to receive, investigate, and decide whether the correction of a lead hazard, pursuant to § 42-128.1-8(a)(3) and (d) was satisfactory. These rules shall establish an expeditious procedure to determine whether the allegation of unsatisfactory correction has merit. The process may be integrated with or make use of the technical assistance service provided for in § 42-128.1-13.

(5) For a process to grant a variance to subsections 42-128.1-8(a)(3), (a)(5), and (b), where there exists a hardship as to financing lead hazard mitigation, or where materials, personnel, or weather delays the mitigation completion.

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