State Affairs and Government

Department of Transportation

SECTION 42-13-1

§ 42-13-1. Establishment – Head of departments – Powers.

(a) There shall be a department of transportation. The head of the department shall be the director of transportation, appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate, who shall carry out the provisions of this chapter and, except as otherwise provided by this title, the provisions of chapters 2 and 4 of title 1; chapters 8 and 10 of title 24; chapter 13 of title 31; chapter 12 of title 37; and of all other general laws heretofore carried out by the director of public works and the department of public works, the Rhode Island turnpike and bridge authority, and the council on highway safety. The director shall also be responsible for preparation of short-range plans, project plans, and implementation programs for transportation; for port and waterways facilities where the principal purpose is transportation and management of port properties, warehouses, and state piers which function primarily as transportation facilities; and for maintaining an adequate level of rail passenger and freight services, including the administration of any financial or technical assistance which may be made available to operators of railroad transportation facilities; provided, however, that all contracts for the construction, reconstruction, maintenance, and repairs of all public roads and bridges, public buildings and all other properties of the state government, and the purchase of all equipment, materials, and supplies used in accordance therewith shall be negotiated by the purchasing agent in the department of administration.

(b) The director shall adopt and promulgate state regulations which will set standards for future state, city and town construction and maintenance of sidewalks and curbs, in a manner which will make the use of the sidewalks more easily accessible to people who are disabled. Said standards shall require the installation of curb cuts and/or ramps at both ends of any pedestrian crosswalk.

The director shall adopt and promulgate a procedure to process all claims pursuant to § 24-8-35, for damages to motor vehicles caused by potholes on state highways and in all instances have the final determination as to the merits of each claim.

(c) The director shall promulgate and adopt regulations which will prohibit any contractors who have been convicted of fraud, bid-rigging, or a violation of any state or federal antitrust law from bidding on any construction projects administered by the department for a period of five (5) years from the date of any of the above convictions.

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