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Department of Business Regulation

SECTION 42-14-18

§ 42-14-18. Form and rate filing fees.

The following fees shall be charged for the services of the division of insurance in reviewing policy or certificate forms, as those terms are defined in § 27-29-2(8), and related forms and rates that are required by law to be submitted by insurers, as that term is defined in § 27-29-2(5), for review and approval by the director prior to use:

(1) For each policy or certificate form included in a single package, including any related forms, rates, and other documents submitted in the same package – forty dollars ($40.00); and

(2) For related forms or revised rates in connection with a policy that has been previously approved, submitted in a single package, charged based upon the number of policies involved – twenty-five dollars ($25.00).

(3) Fees shall be submitted with each filing and shall be deposited as general revenue. These fees shall be in addition to any taxes and fees otherwise payable to the state.

(4) Before any form approved pursuant to chapter 2.5 of title 27 may be used in the state of Rhode Island, the fees specified in this section must be paid.

History of Section.
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