State Affairs and Government

Department of Business Regulation

SECTION 42-14-2

§ 42-14-2. Functions of department.

(a) It shall be the function of the department of business regulation to license, regulate and control all areas as required by this chapter and any and all other provisions of the general laws and public laws.

(b) Whenever any hearing is required or permitted to be held pursuant to law or regulation of the department of business regulation, and whenever no statutory provision exists providing that notice be given to interested parties prior to the hearing, no such hearing shall be held without notice in writing being given at least ten (10) days prior to such hearing to all interested parties. For purposes of this section, an "interested party" shall be deemed to include the party subject to regulation hereunder, and any party entitled to appear at the hearing. Notice to the party that will be subject to regulation, and any party who has made known his or her intention to appear at the hearing shall be sufficient if it be in writing and mailed, first-class mail, to the party at his or her regular business address. Notice to the general public shall be sufficient hereunder if it be by publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the municipality affected by the regulation.

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