Title 42
State Affairs and Government

Chapter 140
Rhode Island Energy Resources Act

R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-140-3

§ 42-140-3. Purposes.

The purposes of the office shall be to:

(1) Develop and put into effect plans and programs to promote, encourage, and assist the provision of energy resources for Rhode Island in a manner that enhances economic well-being, social equity, and environmental quality;

(2) Monitor, forecast, and report on energy use, energy prices, and energy demand and supply forecasts, and make findings and recommendations with regard to energy supply diversity, reliability, and procurement, including least-cost procurement;

(3) Develop and to put into effect plans and programs to promote, encourage and assist the efficient and productive use of energy resources in Rhode Island, and to coordinate energy programs for natural gas, electricity, and heating oil to maximize the aggregate benefits of conservation and efficiency of investments;

(4) Monitor and report technological developments that may result in new and/or improved sources of energy supply, increased energy efficiency, and reduced environmental impacts from energy supply, transmission and distribution;

(5) Administer the programs, duties, and responsibilities heretofore exercised by the state energy office, except as these may be assigned by executive order or the general laws to other departments and agencies of state government;

(6) Develop, recommend and, as appropriate, implement integrated and/or comprehensive strategies, including at regional and federal levels, to secure Rhode Island’s interest in energy resources, their supply and efficient use, and as necessary to interact with persons, private sector, nonprofit, regional, federal entities and departments and agencies of other states to effectuate this purpose;

(7) Cooperate with agencies, departments, corporations, and entities of the state and of political subdivisions of the state in achieving its purposes;

(8) Cooperate with and assist the state planning council and the division of state planning in developing, maintaining, and implementing state guide plan elements pertaining to energy and renewable energy;

(9) Coordinate the energy efficiency, renewable energy, least cost procurement, and systems reliability plans and programs with the energy efficiency resource management council and the renewable energy coordinating board;

(10) Participate in, monitor implementation of, and provide technical assistance for the low-income home energy assistance program enhancement plan established pursuant to § 39-1-27.12;

(11) Participate in and monitor the distributed generation standard contracts program pursuant to chapter 39-26-2;

(12) Coordinate opportunities with and enter into contracts and/or agreements with the commerce corporation associated with the energy efficiency, least-cost procurement, system reliability, and renewable energy fund programs;

(13) Provide support and information to the division of planning and the state planning council in development of a ten (10) year Rhode Island Energy Guide Plan, which shall be reviewed and amended if necessary every five (5) years;

(14) Provide funding support if necessary to the renewable energy coordinating board and/or the advisory council to carry out the objectives pursuant to chapter 42-140-3;

(15) Advise and provide technical assistance to state and federally funded energy program to support:

(i) The federal low-income home energy assistance program which provides heating assistance to eligible low-income persons and any state funded or privately funded heating assistance program of a similar nature assigned to it for administration;

(ii) The weatherization assistance program which offers home weatherization grants and heating system upgrades to eligible persons of low-income;

(iii) The emergency fuel program which provides oil deliveries to families experiencing a heating emergency;

(iv) The energy conservation program, which offers service and programs to all sectors; and

(v) [Deleted by P.L. 2008, ch. 228, § 2, and P.L. 2008, ch. 422, § 2.]

(16) Advise the commerce corporation in the development of standards and rules for the solicitation and award of renewable energy program investment funds in accordance with § 42-64-13.2;

(17) Develop, recommend, and evaluate energy programs for state facilities and operations in order to achieve and demonstrate the benefits of energy-efficiency, diversification of energy supplies, energy conservation, and demand management; and

(18) Advise the governor and the general assembly with regard to energy resources and all matters relevant to achieving the purposes of the office.

History of Section.
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