State Affairs and Government

CHAPTER 42-140
Rhode Island Energy Resources Act

SECTION 42-140-4

§ 42-140-4. Commissioner.

(a) There shall be a commissioner of energy resources, who shall be appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate. The commissioner shall be the director of the office of energy resources and shall have all such powers, consistent with law, as are necessary and/or convenient to effectuate the purposes of the office and administer its functions. The commissioner shall have authority to exercise all of the powers and duties heretofore exercised by the head of the state energy office. In the performance of the duties set forth in this paragraph, the commissioner shall consult with the energy efficiency and resources management council established pursuant to chapter 42-140.1.

(b) The commissioner shall have authority to apply for, receive, and administer grants and funds from the federal government and all other public and private entities to accomplish the purposes of the office.

(c) All revenues collected by the office from public and private entities, including, but not limited to, demand side management grants from public utilities, shall be deposited as restricted receipts.

(d) The commissioner shall have authority to serve as executive secretary of the governor's technical assistance committee, established by § 42-60-4, and shall provide such staff and technical support to the technical assistance committee as the technical assistance committee may require, and shall have authority to carry out any duties assigned to the office by the governor in the event of a declaration of a state energy crisis as authorized under chapter 42-60 relating to energy crisis management.

History of Section.
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