State Affairs and Government

CHAPTER 42-45.1
Antiquities Act of Rhode Island

SECTION 42-45.1-3

§ 42-45.1-3. Definitions.

As used in this chapter:

(1) "Field investigations" means the study of the traces of human culture at any land or water site by means of surveying, sampling, excavating, or removing surface or subsurface objects, or going on a site with that intent.

(2) "Site" means any man-made landform, fort, earthwork, habitation area, burial ground, historic or prehistoric ruin, mine, cave, or other location which is or may be the source of important archaeological data.

(3) "Specimen" means all relics, artifacts, remains, objects, or any other archaeological evidence of a historical, prehistorical, or anthropological nature which may be found on or below the surface of the earth, and which have scientific or historical value as objects of antiquity or as archaeological samples.

(4) "Underwater historic property" means any shipwreck, vessel, cargo, tackle, or underwater archaeological specimen, or part thereof, including any found at refuse sites or submerged sites of former habitation, that has remained unclaimed for more than ten (10) years on the bottoms of any navigable waters and territorial seas of the state.

History of Section.
(G.L. 1956, § 42-45.1-3; P.L. 1974, ch. 161, § 1.)