State Affairs and Government

CHAPTER 42-45.1
Antiquities Act of Rhode Island

SECTION 42-45.1-7

§ 42-45.1-7. Cooperation by state and municipal agencies – Notice and investigation of possible adverse effects of state projects.

All state agencies, departments, institutions, and commissions, as well as all municipalities, shall cooperate fully with the historical preservation commission in the preservation, protection, excavation, and evaluation of specimens and sites and to that end:

(1) When any state or municipal agency finds or is made aware by an appropriate historical or archaeological authority that its operation in connection with any state, state assisted, state licensed, or contracted project, activity, or program adversely affects or may adversely affect scientific, historical, or archaeological data, the agency shall notify the state historical preservation commission and shall provide the commission with appropriate information concerning the project, program, or activity. The provisions of this chapter shall be made known to contractors by the state agencies doing the contracting.

(2) The state historical preservation commission, upon notification, shall, after reasonable notice to the responsible agency, conduct a field investigation.

(3) The state historical preservation commission shall initiate actions within thirty (30) days of notification under subdivision (1) or within such time as agreed upon by the parties involved. The responsible agency is authorized to expend agency funds for the purpose of assisting the commission with the field investigations.

History of Section.
(G.L. 1956, § 42-45.1-7; P.L. 1974, ch. 161, § 1.)