Title 42
State Affairs and Government

Chapter 55
Rhode Island Housing and Mortgage Finance Corporation

R.I. Gen. Laws 42-55-5.1

 42-55-5.1.  Subsidiary corporations.

(a) To further its purposes, the corporation shall have the power to form one or more subsidiary corporations under either 7-1.2-1 et seq. or 7-6-1 et seq. in accordance with the procedures therein contained. Each subsidiary corporation shall be governed by the section under which it is formed, provided that each shall be subject to the same restrictions and limitations as to its powers and purposes to which the corporation is subject under this chapter and shall be deemed a state agency only for the purposes of 42-46-1 et seq. and 38-2-1 et seq. The corporation may delegate any of its powers, obligations, and duties under this chapter to any subsidiary corporation by inclusion of its powers, obligations and duties in the articles of incorporation of the subsidiary corporation. Subsidiary corporations so formed shall constitute legal entities separate and distinct from each other, the corporation, and the state. The corporation shall not be liable for the debts or obligations or for any actions or inactions of its subsidiary corporations unless the corporation expressly agrees otherwise in writing. The corporation may make loans or grants to a subsidiary corporation from time to time to enable the subsidiary corporation to carry out its purposes. The commissioners of the corporation shall constitute all of the directors of each subsidiary corporation.

(b) The state, any municipality or any state commission, public authority, agency, officer, department, board, or division authorized and empowered to enter into agreements with, to grant, convey, lease, or otherwise transfer any property to, or to otherwise transact business with the corporation, shall have the same authorization and power to engage in these activities with each subsidiary corporation of the corporation.

History of Section.
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