State Affairs and Government

Corrections Department

SECTION 42-56-39

§ 42-56-39. A prison impact statement.

All acts, bills and resolutions having an effect on the revenues, expenditures, fiscal liability, bed space, staff or programs of the department of corrections, which can be calculated with reasonable accuracy, by establishing or extending a mandatory minimum term of imprisonment which is not subject to suspension, probation or parole, excepting appropriation measures carrying specified dollar amounts, shall be accompanied by a brief explanatory statement or note which sets forth the estimated dollar effect thereof taking into consideration additional bed space, staff and programs required if enacted. This statement or note shall be known as "a prison impact statement" and shall be attached to the end of each act, bill or resolution prior to consideration of the house in which the act, bill or resolution originated. This prison impact statement shall specify the effect in dollar amounts and additional bed space, additional staff and additional programs for the current fiscal year and estimates for the next two (2) succeeding fiscal years. The appropriate chairperson of the house or senate committee may request a prison impact statement. Requests for these prison impact statements shall be in a form and substance that is deemed appropriate by the chairperson and shall be forwarded through the house or senate fiscal advisor to the state budget officer who shall then be responsible, in cooperation with the director of corrections, for its preparation within thirty (30) days of the request.

History of Section.
(P.L. 1993, ch. 280, § 1.)