State Affairs and Government

CHAPTER 42-7.2
Office of Health and Human Services

SECTION 42-7.2-6

§ 42-7.2-6. Departments assigned to the executive office – Powers and duties.

(a) The departments assigned to the secretary shall:

(1) Exercise their respective powers and duties in accordance with their statutory authority and the general policy established by the governor or by the secretary acting on behalf of the governor or in accordance with the powers and authorities conferred upon the secretary by this chapter;

(2) Provide such assistance or resources as may be requested or required by the governor and/or the secretary; and

(3) Provide such records and information as may be requested or required by the governor and/or the secretary to perform the duties set forth in subsection 6 of this chapter. Upon developing, acquiring or transferring such records and information, the secretary shall assume responsibility for complying with the provisions of any applicable general or public law, regulation, or agreement relating to the confidentiality, privacy or disclosure of such records or information.

(4) Forward to the secretary copies of all reports to the governor.

(b) Except as provided herein, no provision of this chapter or application thereof shall be construed to limit or otherwise restrict the department of children, youth and families, the department of health, the department of human services, and the department of behavioral healthcare, developmental disabilities and hospitals from fulfilling any statutory requirement or complying with any valid rule or regulation.

History of Section.
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