State Affairs and Government

CHAPTER 42-8.2
State Register

SECTION 42-8.2-6

§ 42-8.2-6. Regulations to be promulgated.

The secretary of state shall prescribe regulations for carrying out this chapter. The regulations shall provide, among other things:

(1) The manner of certification of copies required to be certified under § 42-8.2-3;

(2) The documents which shall be authorized under § 42-8.2-5 to be published in the state register;

(3) The manner and form in which the state register shall be printed, reprinted, compiled, indexed, bound and distributed;

(4) The number of copies of the state register which shall be printed, reprinted and compiled, the number which shall be distributed without charge to members of the state legislature, officers and employees of the state of Rhode Island or any state agency, for official use, and the number which shall be available for distribution to the public;

(5) The price to be charged for individual copies of and subscriptions to the state register and reprints and bound volumes of it; and

(6) The secretary of state shall allocate expenses for each agency, board, commission or department.

History of Section.
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