State Affairs and Government

CHAPTER 42-8.2
State Register

SECTION 42-8.2-9

§ 42-8.2-9. Code of state regulations.

(a) The secretary of state may require, from time to time as he or she considers necessary, the preparation and publication in special or supplemental editions of the state register of the complete codifications of the documents of each agency of state government having general applicability and legal effect, issued or promulgated by the agency by publication in the state register or by filing with the secretary of state, and which rules and regulations are relied upon by the agency as authority for, or are invoked or used by it in the discharge of, its activities or functions, and are in effect as to facts arising on or after dates specified by the secretary of state.

(b) A codification published under subsection (a) shall be printed and bound in permanent form and shall be designated as the "Code of State Regulations". The secretary of state shall regulate the binding of the printed codifications into separate books with a view to practical usefulness and economical manufacture. Each book shall contain an explanation of its coverage and other aids to users that the administrative committee may require. A general index to the entire code of state regulations shall be separately printed and bound.

(c) The secretary of state shall regulate the supplementation and the collation and republication of the printed codifications with a view to keeping the code of state regulations as current as practicable. Each book shall be either supplemented or collated and republished at least once each calendar year.

(d) The office of the state register shall prepare and publish the codifications, supplements, collations and indexes authorized by this section.

(e) The codified documents of the several agencies published in the supplemental addition of the state register under this section, as amended by documents subsequently filed with the office of secretary of state and published in the daily issues of the state register, shall be prima facie evidence of the text of the documents and of the fact that they are in effect on and after the date of publication.

(f) The secretary of state shall prescribe regulations for carrying out this section and the fee to be charged to state agencies, boards, commissions, departments, subscribers, and the general public and all independent agencies, boards, commissions, and departments not subject to the control of the state controller.

History of Section.
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