State Affairs and Government

Department of State

SECTION 42-8-23

§ 42-8-23. Visitor Center and gift shop.

(a) The secretary of state, in conjunction with the office of the governor, may establish and operate a visitor center and gift shop within the state house.

(b) The visitor center and gift shop shall be managed by a committee consisting of one member selected by the governor and four (4) members selected by the secretary of state. In making their selections, the governor and the secretary of state shall give due consideration to demonstrated and acknowledged expertise in a diverse range of historical, preservation, community planning, and retail-oriented endeavors. Committee members shall serve for a term of three (3) years. The committee shall file an annual report of operations and fiscal activities with the governor, secretary of state, senate president and house speaker at the end of each fiscal year.

(c) The director of the department of administration may allocate and make available within the state house appropriate space for the visitor center and gift shop and appropriate storage space for inventory, fixtures and supplies necessary for the operation of the visitor center and gift shop.

(d) There is hereby established in the office of the secretary of state a restricted receipt revolving fund which shall be kept separate and distinct from all other funds. All revenue generated by the visitor center and gift shop shall be deposited into this restricted receipt revolving fund and used to purchase inventory, fixtures and supplies for the visitor center and gift shop and to defray the cost of staffing the visitor center.

(e) The operation of the visitor center and gift shop shall be such as not to conflict with any operation pursuant to the provisions of § 40-9-11.

History of Section.
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